Six Nations protests lack of school supplies, still waiting for answers from the federal government


Six Nations kids want supplies not lies!

On Monday October 1st, a group of Six Nations parents and their allies rallied at the Brantford offices of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada to protest the fact that children at Six Nations schools have still not received their school supplies, despite having ordered them in May.

Six Nations parents and teachers have been paying out of their own pockets costs which should be covered by the government. Whether this is a result of government cutbacks or bureaucratic incompetence, it is an injustice that Six Nations children should not have to suffer.

At Monday’s protest, Six Nations parents told Bob Maguire, the AANDC-AADNC Director of Funding Services that if the schools supplies for their children were not delivered by Thursday, October 4th, another protest would be held outside the AANDC-AADNC offices (58, Dalhousie St., Brantford, Six Nations Territory) at 8am on Friday October 5th.

Education is a right! Honour the Treaties! Supplies not Lies!

Urgent Call for Support from the Haudenosaunee Development Institute!

Tuseday May 29, starting at 7:00 AM SHARP!

697 Sutor Road, South Cayuga

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The Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI), an arm of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council, (the traditional leadership body of the Six Nations people) is urgently requesting the support of the April 28th Coalition and supporters in regards to a very important issue at Six Nations todaytomorrow and possibly later in the week.

The giant multinational corporation Samsung is planning a multi-billion dollar “renewable energy” project on Six Nations lands within the 1701 treaty area and has refused to consult or accommodate with the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council.

Several months ago, the HDI sent out a letter to the main archaeological association in Ontario demanding that they “cease and desist” in their work for Samsung on these renewable energy sites until Samsung respects the will of the Confederacy. Until recently, the archaeologists have respected that cease-and-desist order, an act which stopped Samsung from moving forwards on this matter.

However, this morning, Samsung has resumed work at the development site just south of Cayuga and the Six Nations Reservation. The building site is located near the corner of Haldimand County Road 20 and Sutor Rd – at 697 Sutor Rd:,+Haldimand,+ON&hl=en&sll=42.892394,-79.789946&sspn=0.01506,0.025213&t=h&hnear=679+Sutor+Rd,+Haldimand,+Haldimand+Regional+Municipality,+Ontario+N0A+1E0&z=17

Members of the Six Nations community are currently at the site trying to block further development until Samsung deals appropriately with the Confederacy. At least one Confederacy chief – Cayuga chief Blake Bomberry – is at the site now along with about two dozen other Six Nations community members and a few non-native allies. According to Hazel Hill, interim director of HDI, Samsung representatives have stated that “they don’t care about treaties, but only Canadian law” and so thedevelopment is going ahead irregardless of the wishes of Six Nations. There are currently about 50 Samsung employees on the site.

According to Hill, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council is calling for all Haudenosaunee people and their allies to come together and to make Samsung and the archaeologists working for them respect the “cease and desist” order passed by the Confederacy Council on November 2, 2011 regarding this issue.

Allies and supporters are needed to gather at the site with Six Nations tomorrow – Tuesday, May 29 at 7 AM sharp. Further support may be needed later in the day and during the rest of the week. Bring food and water!